8th International Photo Salon Plovdiv 2021 is open for entries!

Dear friends,
let the new 2021 year bring you plenty of light and well-being!
Let’s God bless you and give you health first, so you can succeed in all your endeavors.

The news in the edition in 2021 is that all sections are turned digital and we added the opportunity for free participation (in 2 optional sections) for young photographers (16-21 years).
Our photo event again is included in the Plovdiv cultural calendar.In addition to the honor of being one of them, thanks to the financial support of the Plovdiv municipality, the salon once again will have its edition in a book body with a selection of all the medalists, as well as some of the better photos. We hope to provoke again the most active and good photo creators from all over the world. And finally, after the responsible work of the jury, we hope the salon awards (over 150) will honour the best artists and most impressive photo works!

We are pleased to open for entries the 8th International Photo Salon Plovdiv 2021.

Here are our 4 most important partners:

1. Plovdiv Municipality
The photo salon is a part of the cultural calendar of the city of Plovdiv and with the financial support of the municipality we publish a luxurious book in which we present part of the final selection.


2. APB Patronage – 2021/001
Academy of photography Bulgaria – Yanka Kyurkchieva
APB is the national photo federation, operational member of FIAP for Bulgaria and its official representative:


3. FIAP Patronage - 2021/226
International Federation of Photographic Art

FIAP Certificate

The assessment of 5 stars  5_stars  about the luxury catalogue!
For seven consecutive years Plovdiv photo salon has the highest rating for photo catalog in Bulgaria!

4. HPS Patronage - 2021/005
Hellenic Photographic Society – our neighbor and friends from Greece


The salon is open for participation and we say welcome!

We invite all professionals and amateurs from all over the world in the following 6 sections (all digital):
2. Open COLOR

The most important condition, which we added in 2019 is up to date:

The Photo Salon does not accept photographs that have already participated (included in final selection) in the previous 7 editions!

NEW OPTION in the edition:

Аll young photographers from 16 to 21 years accomplished, can take free part in the salon, but only in 2 sections (by their personal choice).
Requirements for Youth:
To be eligible to enter, you must be 16 -21 years of age till closing date – May 16, 2021.
Аge range – from the age of 16 up to 21 (born between 16.05.2000 to 16.05.2005).
The young photographers, have to declare their born date in the entry form.

Detailed salon rules you can be viewed HERE (as webpage) or HERE (as pdf file)

Contact information:

Anton Savov, , ESFIAP
Chief coordinator

+359 888 30 47 46