The Tenth IPS Plovdiv is closed for entry!

Dear photographers,
thank you to everyone who managed to send their online forms and photo works on time for participation in our anniversary edition! As usual in international contests similar to ours, more than 50% of the participants become part of the salon in the last 2-3 days of the “Open for entry” stage of the calendar. This naturally affects the work on verification and acceptance, as the IPS Plovdiv also has the condition that it does not accept photos which have already entered in previous selections. We still don’t have an automated archive reference and match-checking system, which means a personal visual inspection of each photo. This is another reason for the slower processing of incoming applications. And because the queue of all who entered until 24:00 on 15.05. (and we have to check and process) is huge, please be patient for the email confirmations – after verification, they are also sent personally, apart from the system response you received. All of these reasons justify leaving the forms and server open until 24:00 (CET) on 16.o5. The contact form will be active few more days, just for those who already wrote to us (before 15.05.), that want to take part in the edition.

To participate in the contest you need to fill out entry form and have to pay a fee for your entry:

1. On-line – Through the entry form on our website:
1.1. For INDIVIDUAL and GROUP entry
1.2. Individual entry -  young photographer (16 – 21 years old)