Please enter your name the way you would like it to be printed in the catalogue. Add any photographic recognitions you have won that should be written with your name.
In the field "Photographic recognitions / distinctions" you have to add:
FIAP, PSA and other internationally recognized titles;
APB - if you are a member of Academy of Photography Bulgaria Yanka Kyurkchieva

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Please enter a valid e-mail address so we can confirm your participation. We need a valid phone number that we may call for urgent situations. We need your full address information in order to send you the catalogue. The provided information will not be shared publicly.

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We accept up to 4 per section: files *.jpg / *.jpeg format, 8-bit color, in RGB profile or in ICC profile - recommended, max 3840 horizontal side and 2160 px on vertical side, 300 dpi, without any frames, signatures or watermarks. Files over 5 MB does not accepted. The system automatically will stopped transfer and will not upload the files over 5MB limit!

The file name should be a maximum of 30 characters, in 5 groups:
group 1 - country ISO code listed on www.iso.org/obp/ui/;
group 2 - the author’s name limited to 5 characters
group 3 - artwork name (and town name of EC for Subtheme 6.1.);
group 4 - sections identificator: M; C; N; PJ; PB; T; E
group 5 - sequential number of the work in section (1, 2, 3, 4);
Note: Words such as “Untitled” and “No Title” are not acceptable as part or all of an image’s title, nor are camera capture filenames. Permitted characters are ONLY digits, latin letters and underscore (_) instead pause. All text should be lowercase except for group 4.

1. Please enter in the boxes below the titles of your photographs (as you would like it to be printed in the catalogue/exhibition), not their file names.
2. After filling, you have to choose the files, which correspond to the names of the images above

Open „Monochrome photography” (M)

M1 Name of the work:
M2 Name of the work:
M3 Name of the work:
M4 Name of the work:


Open "Color photography" (C)

C1 Name of the work:
C2 Name of the work:
C3 Name of the work:
C4 Name of the work:


Nature - (N)

N1 Name of the work:
N2 Name of the work:
N3 Name of the work:
N4 Name of the work:


Photojournalism (TRAD) (PJ)

PJ1 Name of the work:
PJ2 Name of the work:
PJ3 Name of the work:
PJ4 Name of the work:


Portrait and Body (PB)

PB1 Name of the work:
PB2 Name of the work:
PB3 Name of the work:
PB4 Name of the work:


My town - Main theme (T)

European Capitals of Culture 1985 -2019 - Subtheme (E)

T1 Name of the work:
T2 Name of the work:
T3 Name of the work:
T4 Name of the work:

For the last 6th section - "My town" / "European Capitals of Culture 1985 -2019" [main theme (T) and subtheme (E)] you can entered with a total of 4 photos!


I declare to be the author of the pictures presented by me for entering the Photo Salon “PLOVDIV” and I agree with the regulations of the Photo Salon. In relation with my author’s rights, I agree my pictures to be:
- Used without payment for Photo Salon advertising (including for printed advertisement);
- Showed on public areas in photo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad;
- The pictures to stay in a special organizer’s fund only for the purposes of promoting the Photo Salon.
Entrants who indicate that their images may not be reproduced or used “will not be eligible for awards” or inclusion in audio-visuals of the exhibition “and could be subject to disqualification” by the organizers of photo salon/exhibition.