We continue the tradition of photo salon Plovdiv, to announce a promotion for the so-called “Early Birds”! These are the first participants who registered earlier. The first 7 participants * for 2020, will won a voucher for free participation in 6 sections in the 8th IPS Plovdiv 2021.

* The promotion is not valid for the 20 Early Birds of 2019 or for group entries. Participation is reserved by paying for a minimum of 3 sections. This payment is only for registration of you as a serial number from 1 to 7, on the basis of which we will issue you a voucher for 2021. Payment of the fee does not commit you to upload photos now – you can fill out your entry form and upload your photos throughout the deadline!

Here are all the early birds that won free participation for all sections for 7th edition:
1. Dimitra Lefterova, Bulgaria
2. Cyril Boyd, Northern Ireland
3. Claudia Dietl, EFIAP, Germany – her VOUCHER will be used in next 8th edition in 2021,
because she is a jury member in the current one.

4. Radoslav Sviretsov, Bulgaria
5. Ivo Kuzov, Bulgaria
6. Helmut Resch, EFIAP, MVÖAV, Austria
7. Ruslan Asanov, Bulgaria
8. Kostadin Madjarov, Bulgaria
9. Lazoura Cortial, France
10. Leka Huie, Hong Kong
11. Teodora Dimitrova, AFIAP
12. Yuliy Vasilev, EFIAP/b
13. Giuseppe Tomelleri, MFIAP EFIAP/d3, Italy
14. Alexander Hochhaus, AFIAP, Germany
15. Istvan Kerekes, EFIAP/d3, Hungary
16. Lajos Nagy, EFIAP/d2, MPSA2, GPU CR5, GEPSS, GAIUP, MAAFR, Romania
17. Nikolai Vassilev, EFIAP
18. Ernst Pini, Germany
19. Luciana Messina, Italy
20. Samuele Boldrin, AFI, EFIAP/B, Italy