Dear participants,
Thank you ones again for the participation in the Fifth International Photo Salon Plovdiv (BULGARIA) 2018 under the patronage of FIAP, PSA, HPS and APB!


On 24.05. and 26.05.2018 was held the judging.
The Jury, composed of:
Romain Nero, EFIAP/g HonEFIAP, (Luxembourg), Member of FIAP Directorate. Director of Patronage Service – Chariman
Marco Bartolini, EFIAP (Italy) – member
Ass. prof. Petar Abadjiev (Bulgaria) – member
Dimitrina Andreeva, AFIAP (Bulgaria) – member
Alexander Ivanov (Bulgaria) – member
and Velichka Todorova (Bulgaria) – alternate member
reviewed a total of 4438 photographs, entered by 351 participants from 50 countries in all 6th sections. The final selection included 944 photographs of 282 participants from 49 countries.
The jury‘s decision is final and irrevocable.
Each member of the jury evaluate each your photography with assessment from 1 to 4.
The result is the sum of the points of all 5 members of the jury (the minimum number of points is 5 and the maximum is 19).

Report with all the award winning authors and their works can be found HERE.
Reports of accepted authors and their works in the final selection (by sections) can be found at the following links:
2. Open COLOR
+ 6.1. European Capitals of Culture 1985 -2022

In the notification cards (in personal letter by e-mail) you will received detailed statistic of your participation with the following codes.

A – ACCEPTED photography
R - REJECTED photography
PRIZE photography

A selection with awarded photographs the will be printed and displayed in the exhibition, which will be open for viewing from 30.06 to 15.07.2018 on Central square 1, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Welcome to the exhibition opening and awarding ceremony of our first jubilee -
V International Photo Salon Plovdiv (BULGARIA)

Begining – 17:30h.


Best regards,
Anton Savov
IPS Plovdiv