We continue the tradition of photo salon Plovdiv – promotion for first entrants the so-called “Early Birds”!
These are the first participants who registered earlier.
The first 8 participants * for 2021, are winning a voucher for free participation in 6 sections in the 9th IPS Plovdiv 2022.

Participation is reserved by paying for a minimum of 3 sections.
This payment is only for registration of you as a serial number from 1 to 8, on the basis of which we will issue you a voucher for 2022.
Payment of the fee does not commit you to upload photos now – you can fill out your entry form and upload your photos throughout the whole period to deadline!

Here are all the early birds that won free participation for all sections for 8th edition:
1. Miriam Power – Ireland
2. Wolfgang Lin, EFIAP/b, MPSA2 – Hong Kong
3. Rashid Un Nabi, EFIAP – Bangladesh
4. Christian Kieffer – Luxembourg
5. Pietro Bugli, EFIAP/p – Italy
6. Atanas Petkov – Bulgaria
7. Yavor Michev, AFIAP – Bulgaria
(He will use his VOUCHER in next 9th edition in 2022, because he is a jury member in the current one.)

* The promotion is not valid for the 6 “Early Birds” from 2020 (described above), for group entries, as well as for free participating young authors from 16 to 21 years.