Dear participants,
Thank you ones again for the participation in the Ninth International Photo Salon Plovdiv (BULGARIA) 2022 under the patronage of FIAP, HPS and APB!
On 02.06. – 05.06.2022 in Plovdiv was held the judging.
The Jury, composed of:
Branislav Brkić, MFIAP, HonEFIAP, EFIAP/s (Serbia) – Chairman
Alla Sokolova, ЕFIAP (France) – member
Yuliy Vasilev, EFIAP/b (Bulgaria) – member
Alexander Ivanov, EFIAP (Bulgaria)– member
Nikifor Todorov, ЕFIAP (Bulgaria)– member
Alternate jury member and guest: Dimitrina Anddreeva, ЕFIAP (Bulgaria)
reviewed a total of 3374 photographs, entered by 267 participants from 33 countries in all 6th sections. The final selection included 798 photographs of 210 participants from 31 countries. The jury‘s decision is final and irrevocable.

Whole final selection you will see in flash album HERE: