For ten years in a row, the photo salon in the city under the 7 hills has been steadily reviving the tradition of our city’s past to hold an annual international photography review here.

IPS Plovdiv was once again in the cultural calendar of Plovdiv city. A luxurious album in a book with some of the best photographs was printed thanks to the financial support of the Municipality of Plovdiv. We hoped for the participation of the most active and good photo creators from around the world, from which the jury could evaluate, award and select the most impressive photo works. And this happened – even with a record number of photographs and authors. 5,851 photographs were submitted by 382 participants from 42 countries.

In last year again, the promotion for young photographers from all over the world (from 16 to 21 years old) with free participation in 2 sections of their personal choice was valid at the stage of acceptance of works. The conclusions from the past years are that there is interest from young people, and the best of them win prizes. Another promotion for the anniversary of the salon was that every participant who participated in 1 to 5 sections received 1 more section for free!


10-th jubilee edition of International Photo Salon Plovdiv 2023

The partners were the same, but let us remind them again:

1. Plovdiv Municipality


2. APB Patronage -  2023/001
Academy of photography Bulgaria – Yanka Kyurkchieva
APB is the national photo federation, operational member of FIAP for Bulgaria and its official representative:

3. FIAP Patronage – 2023/138
International Federation of Photographic Art

FIAP Patronage

5 star rating  5_stars  for our luxury catalog from 2021!
For the eighth consecutive year, IPS Plovdiv has the highest rating for a photo catalog in Bulgaria!

4. HPS Patronage – 2023/10
 Hellenic Photographic Society – our neighbor and friends from Greece


The salon is open for participation and we are waiting for you!

We invite all professionals and amateurs from all over the world in the following 6 sections (all digital):

2. Open COLOR

The condition introduced in 2019 has remained relevant:
The Photo Salon does not accept photographs that have already participated (included in final selection) in the previous  editions!
Another new condition introduced in 2021 has also remained relevant:
Аll young photographers from 16 to 21 years accomplished, can take free part in the salon, but only in 2 sections (by their personal choice).

Contact information:

Anton Savov, ЕFIAP, ESFIAP
Chief coordinator

+359 888 30 47 46