On 17 and 18.04.2015 was held the judging of the Second International Photo Salon Plovdiv (BULGARIA).
Jury in stock: Yavor Popov – art photographer (Bulgaria) – CHAIRMAN and members: Mr. Borislav Milovanovic, EFIAP (Serbia); Mr. Filip Filipovic, AFIAP (Macedonia);
Mrs. Nadezhda Shipkova, AFIAP (Bulgaria) and Mr. Gencho Petkov, AFIAP (Bulgaria) reviewed a total of 2994 photographs presented by 285 participants from 61 countries in five sections.
The final selection included 672 photographs of 205 participants from 54 countries.
The jury‘s decision is final and irrevocable.

A protocol with the determined awards can be found here.
Detailed information included the final selection (by sections, participants and photographs) can be found on this page.


Flash catalogue, included all 672 photographs of 205 participants from 54 countries in final selection, determined by the jury, you can view in two consecutive parts below:

Part 1
Cover, introduction, general information,
section 1 – Openblack and white, monochrome and
section 2 – Opencolor


Part 2
Sections 3Nature, 4Theme 1 „My town“ and 5Theme 2 „Nude“
Statistical in tables, Traveling exhibition, Credentials and advertising pages