Over 150 awards:

Medals and diplomas by FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art)
- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each section (18 medals)
- 6 Honorable Mentions for each section (36 honorable mentions)
- 1 honorable diploma “blue badge“ for best presented author in photo salon

Medals and diplomas by HPS (Hellenic Photographic Society)
- Gold medals for each section (6 medals)
- 12 Honourable mention ribbons;
1 Statue “Aphrodite” for “Best nude photo”;
1 Plaque “Best artist of the Salon”


Medals and diplomas by APB
(Academy of Photography Bulgaria “Yanka Kyurkchieva”)
- 1 Gold medal for each section (6 medals)
– 12 Honourable mention ribbons (12 HM)


Medals and diplomas by Reflexes Ltd.
- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each section (18 medals)
- 18 Honourable mention ribbons (18 HM)

Special award of the photo salon – Salon CUP
by Reflexes Ltd. (Cup +500€)
(for all sections)


- 1 Honourable diploma by Plovdiv Municipality.
- 1 Diplom – Honorable prize (in UL section) by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation


- 36 incentive diplomas by the members of the jury from 5 member (+ 1 alternate) x 6 sections


- 12 Incentive diplomas (2 in every section) by Reflexes Ltd.
- 6 honourable diplomas Best presented author (in every section) by Reflexes Ltd.
- Incentive diplomas for youth authors by Reflexes Ltd.


- 1 partnership award (in UL section) by DAN Travel EOOD -
Voucher for tourist services (on amount of 500€)


Partnership awards:
- 6 Incentive diploms (in every section) by PC Clinic
- 1 Diplom (in Portrait & Body section) by Vi Art foundation



- Partnership awards between IPS Plovdiv and Travel Tales Award:
- The best photo storyteller in the current edition of 11-th IPS Plovdiv 2024 (selected by our Italian partners from ТТА) wins a glass plaque “Best travel photographer and storyteller”. This award gives to the winner free entry to the next edition of the Travel Tales Award in 2025.
- Two of the finalists in the current edition of Travel Tales Award 2024 (selected by us) win vouchers for free participation in the 12th edition of IPS Plovdiv in 2025 in up to 3 sections of their choices.


Plaques for Best presented authors/clubs by Reflexes Ltd.:
1. Plaque for salon cup runner-up
2. Best foreign author
3. Best bulgarian author
4. Best author from Plovdiv
5. Best photo club
6. Best photo club runner-up


These awards will be selected due the statistics. Will be defined and awarded to authors and the club with the best performance in the final selection of the photo salon.

Every participant will receive (free of charge) а kit with big luxury A4 printed catalogue + DVD catalogue.