Closing date for the entries:
02.05.2020 – (for digital entries and upload of files)
22.05.2020 – (shipments by snail mail and sending of printed photos -
postage stamp of dispatch 22.05.2020);

21-23.05.2020 – Judging;
Taking into account the precarious situation around the Coronavirus worldwide,
we are forecasting new dates for the jury period!

25-27.06.2020 – Judging;

All other dates we will announce later, when the situation came closer to normal!
We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience!

06.06.2020 – Notification of results and personal card with scores by e-mail;

27 or 28*.06.2020 – Opening of the exhibition and awarding, Tsar Simeon’s Garden, Plovdiv
* Depending on the climate

08.08.2020 – Catalogues (print & DVD) and awards mailing;

September 2020 - Second public showings of the exhibition and minimum 9 in 2020-2021 in different spaces in BG as „SELECTED“ from 7th IPS Plovdiv or a special selection from all seven editions so far.

If you want to see (or download it) the detailed design calendar with some awarded photos from 6th edition, click HERE