For your New Year’s celebration to be more interesting and memorable we recommend you to ensure the following 5 important items (according to us):

  • 1st – will
  • 2nd – favored company
  • 3rd – wine (preferably Photographic wine*)
  • 4th – camera
  • 5th – someone to take pictures from time to time

If any of the above is missing do as you will or even better – take a good nap. Sleep is a celebration for the mind!

Note: charge the camera batteries a few hours before the party, as well as yours. No power – no memories!
As 2014 begins, do not send us the pictures from your celebration for our competition – instead share them with friends who had missed the party.

And to participate in the photo salon (until the 20th of April 2014) send us photographs that will bring you cause for celebration!

Well, we wish you a radiant and memorable New Year celebration!

Oh, I almost forgot the footnote!
* A Photographic wine is your favorite wine (or other drink of your choice) around which is the truth!

You can try our competition’s Photographic wine on the opening of the exhibition of the First International Photo Salon Plovdiv 2014. We, as organizers know that it hides at least 24 more surprising truths! Good luck to the ones that are brave enough to challenge it! Welcome a May 21!

And now, let’s drink to the New Year!

With smiles from the team of Reflexes