The holiday season is now over, yet we would like to wish you a Happy 2014 with a personalized greeting and a photographer’s wink on behalf of International Photo salon Plovdiv!

To those behind the lens – I wish good health;
that your artistic naked hand should never melt
to frame, despite the latest “birdies” on tripods,
the wild incessant flood of shots.

And for events and settings may I wish you luck,
that you should capture smiling faces, sunshine-struck;
but also leaves; the summer, autumn, spring,
the winter white, the pure souls to bring.

May Love be overflowing all around,
to fuel our hearts and keep us safe and sound;
The blessed rain of shots should never make us tire
To find that only batteries of cameras expire!

May Faith french-kiss you always at sunrise,
Through patience and dream chasing may it make you wise;
And when dusk falls may Hope lull you to sleep
So that your shots may never capture any creature weep.

Most sincere wishes for a truly successful new year for all photographer’s ambitions and projects as well as all good Bulgarian initiatives,
Anton SavovPhotography is poetry