It has become a tradition of one of our best partners, DAN Travel EOOD, to award a big, special prize in the MY TOWN section! In the fourth edition of 2017, the EUR 500 tourist voucher for tourism, delighted a photographer from France – Jean Boulanger, EFIAP / B-PPSA.

Unfortunately, he was prevented from coming to the ceremony and receiving it. We started a brief but very pleasant conversation with him. After discovering the unique opportunities for interesting tourism in our town, he accepted the voucher and with many smiles was welcomed by us and Dan Travel in Plovdiv. We, as kind hosts and organizers, have created a personal identification card, so via it he be accepted wherever is possible as a special guest of the city.


He accepted it with a smile and with exquisite excitement and pleasure he used his reward for its purpose – Dan Travel had made him a wonderful and rich program for his stay and gave him this unforgettable trip in our beloved Plovdiv.

Here it is his charming story:

In 2017, Plovdiv contest was one of those where I participated since years all around the world. I’m used to get accepted pictures as well as Honorable mentions or even bronze, silver or gold medals but I was far from thinking wining the special prize offered by Dan travel.
I remembered when I received the good news and the invitation to come to Plovdiv for the opening and awarding ceremony I was already engaged to a photo trip in Provence (South of France) for lavender fields pictures. At that time I didn’t know that Bulgaria was the first lavender producer!
With the help of Anton Savov and Plamen Petrov, my DAN Travel correspondent, I was able to define another date for my first trip in Bulgaria. It will be September.
I have been assisted since my arrival in Sofia up to my departure.

I visited the city with a personal guide on Independence Day, very kind guy. I had the opportunity to make not usual pictures. I visited the old city as well as the ancient monuments. I was invited to discover Bulgarian music and dances in a pleasant restaurant show.
I tasted local wine and food and appreciated them.
I didn’t have time to visit the surroundings of Plovdiv as I asked for a stay in Sofia in order to have a few aspect of the Bulgarian capital. It will be for my next stay, as I appreciated the people, the architecture and the history.
Plovdiv will be the European capital in 2019, so why not?
This year 2018, I’ll present new pictures and will be happy to continue the other years.

And in the slider below you will also see some of the footage, that was shooted by Mr. Boulanger during his photo trip in Plovdiv.